September 30, 2022

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Flybe cancels dozens of flights – your right to compensation or a refund

FLYBE has cancelled a raft of flights this morning leaving passengers stranded and frustrated.

The budget carrier refused to tell The Sun how many flights are cancelled but we’ve checked the Flybe website and it appears some 27 flights are impacted – and that’s just those departing from the UK.

Flybe plane tail
Flybe has cancelled “dozens” of flights this morning

But the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says passengers can claim compensation – see below for more information.

In a statement issued today a spokesperson for Flybe said: “Flybe sincerely apologises to all our customers and partners affected by the current flight cancellations.

“Whilst 95 per cent of Flybe flights are operating as per normal, we do recognise the impact of today’s cancellations.

“We are doing our best to mitigate the impact of the current situation that has arisen due to a combination of factors including seasonality, pilots’ end of leave year, Easter holidays, base restructuring and the shortage of pilots across the industry that Flybe has highlighted over recent months.

“We have already identified several mitigation actions and will be issuing further updates throughout the day.

“All those affected have been emailed and advised they can re-book for travel on an alternative flight or apply for a full refund.”

In what it says it unrelated news, Flybe has also announced that it is permanently cancelling its 118-seater jet flights from Cardiff, Doncaster, Exeter and Norwich.

It is replacing the journeys with 78-seater Bombardier planes.

‘Flybe has ruined my birthday’

We’ve seen reports of flights being cancelled from Dusseldorf to Southampton, from Newcastle to Southampton and from Southampton to Edinburgh, and passengers aren’t happy.

One user tweeted this morning: “Not a [nice] message to wake up to! @flybe what a s**t show. The last time I will use you.”

Full list of cancelled Flybe flights

HERE is a full list of cancelled flights departing from the UK but bear in mind that some in-bound flights have also been cancelled.

  • BE321 Aberdeen 07:00 Birmingham
  • BE153 Aberdeen 11:10 Belfast City
  • BE361 Belfast City 07:15 Nottingham
  • BE361 Belfast City 07:15 Nottingham
  • BE403 Belfast City 08:40 Birmingham
  • BE403 Belfast City 08:40 Birmingham
  • BE403 Belfast City 08:40 Birmingham
  • BE400 Birmingham 06:45 Belfast City
  • BE322 Birmingham 09:15 Aberdeen
  • BE1843 Birmingham 10:10 Bordeaux
  • BE846 Birmingham 12:40 Edinburgh
  • BE4583 Cardiff 14:10 Verona
  • BE761 Edinburgh 07:20 Southampton
  • BE292 Edinburgh 10:20 Manchester
  • BE292 Edinburgh 10:20 Manchester
  • BE122 Glasgow 07:15 Belfast City
  • BE553 Glasgow 10:45 Nottingham
  • BE732 Leeds Bradford 12:00 Belfast City
  • BE6024 London Southend 18:30 Rennes St Jacques
  • BE293 Manchester 12:15 Edinburgh
  • BE142 Newcastle 08:40 Southampton
  • BE362 Nottingham 08:45 Belfast City
  • BE554 Nottingham 12:20 Glasgow
  • BE141 Southampton 07:00 Newcastle
  • BE762 Southampton 09:20 Edinburgh
  • BE1013 Southampton 10:35 Amsterdam Schiphol
  • BE1897 Southampton 17:55 Dusseldorf

Another wrote: “@flybe all these flights cancelled due to ‘operational reasons’. Somebody has made a massive cock-up haven’t they?

“Who from senior management will take responsibility? Probably no-one. Yet massive disruption to customers and massive compensation payouts.”

Customers also report that Flybe hasn’t been offering alternative flights or providing information on refunds.

Paralympic sailor Hannah Stodel tweeted: “I’ve already sent @flybe a request for compensation as they gave less than 24hrs notice of the cancellation, and no offer of any help etc.”

While another passenger wrote: “@flybe hi – due to your website being unusable and your email/text RE flight cancellation being devoid of any information, can you advise how I can get my full refund please?

“Also it’s my birthday today so cheers for ruining that.”

Passengers have been left stranded and frustrated after a host of Flybe flights were cancelled this morning

Here are your rights if your flight has been cancelled or delayed.

Flight cancelled? You should be entitled to a refund or alternative flight

When a flight is due to depart from an EU airport, regardless of the airline, or where an EU airline is due to land at an EU airport you are covered by EU flight delay and cancellation rules.

So when your flight is cancelled, you’re entitled to an alternative flight or a full refund – and this includes a refund for the return leg.

If you opt for an alternative flight it’s up to you whether to fly as soon as possible after the cancelled flight or at a later date.

If you opt for a later flight, you are also entitled to care and assistance. This usually means food, drink, access to communication – for example this could be by refunding the reasonable cost of phone calls – and accommodation if you have to stay overnight.

Your airline may give you a voucher for this in the airport or you may need to pay yourself and reclaim the cash later – in this scenario, make sure you hold on to receipts.

How to complain to your airline

IF you have a problem with your airline, you need to take your complaint to it in the first instance.

You can use free complaints tool Resolver to help with this as it includes template letters and send your complaints to the right person or department.

If your claim is rejected or you’re not happy with the response you get, check if your airline is signed up to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme and send your complaint there.

If the airline isn’t signed up to an ADR scheme, you may be able to take your gripe to the UK’s aviation regulator – the Civil Aviation Authority.

If this still doesn’t work, you could consider taking the airline to court.

Don’t use a claims management company to submit compensation claims for you as they’ll take a chunk of any payout you get.

Flight delayed? You could get a refund

If your flight has been delayed for more than five hours, if it’s an EU flight (see above) you are entitled to a refund if you no longer wish to travel.

You will also get a refund for any unused parts of your booking – for example the return flight – and a flight back to your departure airport if you’ve already completed part of your journey.

If your flight is delayed, you may also get money for food, drink, communications and accommodation if the delay is overnight.

This kicks in after delays of two hours for short-haul flights, three hours for medium-haul flights, and four hours for long-haul journeys.

Your airline may give you a voucher for this in the airport or you may need to pay yourself and reclaim the cash later – in this scenario, make sure you hold on to receipts.

You may be due compensation on top

If the cancellation or delay is the airline’s fault, you may also be entitled to compensation.

For delays, this is based on the time you finally arrive, and for cancellations, this is based on the arrival time of the rescheduled flight you’re put on.

As Flybe has cancelled flights for “operational” reasons, the CAA says it will have to pay out compensation to customers if they don’t reach their final destination within two hours of the planned arrival time.

Flybe says it’s cancelled flights due to “operational reasons”

Where flights are delayed by three hours or more, passengers may be entitled to claim compensation of up to €250 (£213) for short-haul flights, up to €400 (£341) for mid-haul flights and up to €600 (£512) for long-haul flights.

If your flight’s been cancelled, you may be able to get compensation if you arrive at your final destination more than two hours late AND if your flight was cancelled within 14 days of its expected departure.

Again, compensation is up to €250 (£213) for short-haul flights, up to €400 (£341) for mid-haul flights, and up to €600 (£512) for long-haul flights.

Get a refund from your debit or credit card provider

If Flybe is refusing to pay out refunds you could get your money back from your card provider if you paid for your tickets using a credit card or debit card.

If you paid more than £100 on credit card, you should be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which means credit card providers are jointly liable when a purchase isn’t fulfilled.

If you paid with your debit card, or paid less than £100 with your credit card, then you may be able to get a refund via a scheme called Chargeback.

Like Section 75, it pays out when purchases go wrong but it’s not a legal requirement so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your cash back.

Both schemes only cover refunds and not the cost of alternative flights.

Neither will payout for any associated costs either, such as hotel bookings, because technically nothing has gone wrong with those transactions.

If you can’t travel, check with the providers to see if you can cancel or rearrange your booking for free.

Flybe passengers may be able to claim compensation for cancelled flights

You may be entitled to a refund on flights booked with PayPal.

You’ll need to open a “dispute” within 180 days of payments by going to the “Resolution Centre” and click “Dispute a Transaction”.

Check your travel insurance cover – it may pay out

Flight delays and cancellations may be covered by your travel insurance – and associated costs such as transport and accommodation may also be protected.

But before submitting a claim, double check the excess fee because it will eat into any refund you get.